Tap works in Inspector but not in Eclipse

Hi sorry if this is a silly question, but I’m new in Appium and so far it was really hard to make it work.
We are automating an iOS app and I’m trying to make a tap in a Element //UIAApplication[1]/UIAWindow[2]/UIATableView[2]/UIATableCell[1]/UIAStaticText[3] , weird thing is that when I use tap on this element in Inspector it works, but when I try to do it in Eclipse wd.findElement(By.xpath("//UIAApplication[1]/UIAWindow[2]/UIATableView[2]/UIATableCell[1]/UIAStaticText[3]")).click(); is not working, we are using junit to run the test, the app goes to that table and then it crashes.
That element is at the top of the list, should I do a scroll up before run the command for click that element for make it work? And if this is the case how should I do a scroll up to the top of the table view?

Thanks in advance

If the element is not visible on UI then there is a possibility that element is not being tapped. For scrolling, use scroll methods

Thanks Umar for your answer! now I’m wondering which are the Scrolling methods? I’m using the iOS simulator for the Automations test cases, I remember that I’ve try to do a swipe from left to right and It was not working because Apple remove that gesture for Simulator, the same is happening for Scrolling?
Thanks in advance

You can code a custom method for swiping from one point to another. I have not done it for iOS but I am sure it is do able.

HI pablo_paiva,

You can use Touch Action to perform swipe.