Tapping in keys the from the soft keyboard


I have a reduced qwerty keyboard application that I need to test. I have setup the system, but not sure how do I use the soft keyboard.How to I tap in the characters?
For now I have used coordinates.
I have been reading about send_keys but not quite sure if that fulfills my requirement. Please help with some sample code perhaps.
Also Uiautomator sees only certain parts of the UI page. for example, when I use my application for typing messages, the prediction/hint words appear, but UIautomator is unable to see it when I take a snapshot. Can this be solved by using
appium inspector? OS used is Windows.


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Good one! I think the only one way do that using android Keyvents link
perhaps, there is no other API to interact with native software keyboard, or at least I don’t know about it :blush: