Testing in Loop (Max device Allowed)

I have created a test that keeps looping from opening the app…log-in…playback of live and video and the log-oout. The app that i’ve created test for has a max device of 5 and 2 playback allowed only. Im just wonderin how it happened every time a new loop started a new device/instance get added. I am only using 1 instance of android emulator . i tried it also on a real hardware with different account and also doing the same thing.

please help need your support

@Nagios_Jzurge it is hard to understand what problem you have :upside_down_face:
can you a bit rephrase your problem?
Do you need execute ONE test as long as possible on ONE device?
Or do you need execute ONE test as long as possible on MANY devices?
Or do you need execute MANY of SAME test but different e.g. login data simultaneously on MANY devices?

I need to execute ONE test as long as possible (lets say this test will keep repeating the whole 24 hrs) on one device. This app is similar to Netflix

@Aleksei thanks for the reply::smiley::smiley:

@Nagios_Jzurge ok. next steps:

  1. run 24h. where do you run test? own mac/pc or some CI (e.g. jenkins Agent) machine?
  2. why you need run it continuously instead of schedule e.g. every 5min?
  3. what behavior should be on test fail? just continue again from zero? are you reporting problem anywhere?
  4. what exactly your steps:
  • start app
  • login
  • do ? playback of something for 5min
  • logout
    repeat in loop all above

Appreciate your time and assistance @Aleksei

@Nagios_Jzurge ok.

  1. Move to schedule.
    running test for 24 is not good idea due to possible instability of long runs it is better and easier to run it on schedule. it helps to avoid writing workarounds to continue test from zero while catching absolutely all errors. i suggest switch to schedule with any available CI framework e.g. jenkins. You can even install it on same machine and run jobs on schedule.
  2. Start driver with fastReset.
    Different capabilities for different scenarios to reset app client before test and start from login each time.