Testing Maps using Appium


what is the best way to automate map testing on ios app?
Our app has elaborate map functionality on ios device.

For example, how to get a list of all icons that are displayed on map(we have human icons, shapes etc).
I tried below snippet, but its not returning complete list of objects visible on map.

WebElement map = appium.findElement(By.xpath("//UIAApplication[1]/UIAWindow[1]/UIAMapView[1]"));
List lst = map.findElements(By.className(“UIAElement”));

How to get list of all elements that is visible on map on my app?


Hmmm. If you use the getSource() method, are you able to see your map elements there?

Hi Jonah,
How to get the elements from native app. I mean objects present on the map. for ios 10 and above.
example: We have native application, in which a screen has a map with objects plotted. how do I perform actions on those plotted objects on map… can you help pls…