Testing multiple devices with single appium server?

We are going to use appium in our product as a test framework and we are going to build some wrappers on top of it
However when I searched the web , I saw some limitations about using multiple sessions on appium
Our planned infrastructure is like this:

We are planning to have 2 appium servers(with different ports) running on the same machine

1’st appium server is responsible for IOS devices
2’nd appium server is responsible for Android devices

1’st appium server will be connected to 2 IOS devices(1 Iphone and 1 Ipad)
2’nd appium server will be connected to 2 Android devices (1 Phone and 1 tablet)

And we are going to test 2 different applications for both android and IOS.

So my question here is :

When we want to test these applications.

On IOS Server:
We want to test 1’st application on Iphone
2’nd application on IPad
at the same time

On Android Server:
We want to test 1’st application on phone
2’nd application on Tablet
at the same time

Is something like that even possible? Or do we have to wait to finish 1’st applications test in order to start testing the 2’nd application


This is not possible because of an Instruments limitation (only one instance per machine). However I believe that your Android setup should work fine.

It’s best to use separate VMs.

Hi @Tolga_Tanriverdi,

Please refer the below link, you may get clarification,


are you sure about that?
Because I’ve tried running instruments UIAutomation from command line and I can achive to run 2 seperate applications to run on 2 different devices simultaneously
Did I miss something in there?

I’ve never seen it work. There are a lot of requests for this, so if you’ve got it working it would be excellent if you’d write up a quick how to for everyone who wants to do it.

It is possible to test multiple android devices on the same machine. You will need a separate appium server for each device you will test, with each server connected to a different port.

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Yes i do agree with the same as @willosser mentioned .!!! Because one appium server is for one device execution, and after completion of its execution…we can execute other device with the same session and also on same port but on different threads by using Testng.xml or etc…
I guess, Parallel execution will not be possible on one appium session at a time.


Single appium server does not currently support more than 1 session, but apprently there’s work being done on this.

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Has multiple sessions from a single appium server Implement in Appium 1.6?