To press search on keyboard in appium


I am unable to click on search button on my keyboard.I have tried several keyevents but not yet anyone suggest please


have you tried this?

press_keycode 84

public static final int KEYCODE_SEARCH

Added in API level 1
Key code constant: Search key.

Constant Value: 84 (0x00000054)

Also, you can dig into appium lib for more info

hope it helps


I have already tried this but unable to perform.



Try with the following, Hope this helps…
adb -s input keyevent KEYCODE_SEARCH



same here, tried 84, but as I understand this is not what I’m looking for.
the possible thing is
but I have no idea how to use it instead of key events from here


Check Unable to execute search – Appium Ruby 1.9.0