Toast message validation

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone guide me to validate the toast message.

I used
driver.findelement(by.linktext(“toast message”)):
but not worked.

This will work in selendroid mode.

Set automationName cap as Selendroid

But main problem would be you cannot override session when you get toast message
From >>>> automationName cap as Appium [Default value of capability]
To >>>> automationName cap as Selendroid

If you change this cap in beginning during app Launch then entire test suite should be converted to Selendroid Mode which will not be a good move.

Hi Amit,

Even i changed the tool. I tried with selendroid, but even though selendroid inspector is unable to catch the toast message id/class/name etc…

Do you have any idea about Monkeytalk, Robotium, which can be useful for this?