Trial for new way to remove flaky tests

Hey all,

I’ve been working on my own startup recently and we are looking for companies to be involved in our second beta trial, which will start late Jan next year. The beta is free and will require little effort on your part to be involved.

Our tool the Test Brain has the following main features:

  • Identifies flaky tests and removes them from the main results.
  • Automates defect lifecycle from the automated test results.
  • Uses AI to rank the importance of test cases and the areas to be tested.
  • A lot more check out the site.

We’ve also just released a document detailing the benefits and results from our latest beta trial which you can read here

If your company is interested please put your email below with the size of your dev and test team, the source control you use and the language and testing framework you use for your tests.


James, our company is growing rapidly, but right now we have 9 devs, and 3 testers (1 automator, me). We use GitHub and the development is done with React Native. My testing framework is just evolving beyond the POC stage, using Serenity+Appium. My email is [email protected].

Thanks, JP I will send some information through to you. What is your companies name btw just for my own interest.