Trouble reaching elements that require scrolling iOS9/Appium 1.4.11

Hey there.
I upgraded today to Appium 1.4.11 and am trying to run our tests on iOS9 and I am having difficulties that I did not have with Appium 1.3.8.
Let’s say I have a list of 14 Table Cells that on the active screen I can only see 10 at the time.
With the previous version of Appium I could reach the bottom ones by name without the need to scroll.
In 1.4.11 however I can’t get there and the inspector doesn’t see these elements as well.
I know I should do a scroll down there but unfortunatelly it’s still not supported on the dotnet client of Appium…
Anybody had the same issue? This effectively breaks a huge chunk of our tests.
Cheers, Pavel

“In 1.4.11 however I can’t get there and the inspector doesn’t see these elements as well.”

Did you get the’s inspector to work with 1.4.11? Can you share how you did it or what inspector you’re currently using?

I am using the Inspector of one of the previous versions, 1.3.6
Don’t think that there’s an 1.4.11 inspector out yet

Hey there.
I’ve been trying to solve this issue for a while and it seems like it’s working really selectively right now.
As of right now I can make it scroll only from left to right but not the other way around.
I am using the following commands:

Point loc = SeleniumHelper.Driver.FindElement(By.XPath("//UIAApplication[1]/UIAWindow[1]/UIATableView[3]/UIATableCell[6]")).Location;
ITouchAction swipe = MobileGeneralClass.Actions.Swipe((SeleniumHelper.Driver as AppiumDriver), loc.X, loc.Y, loc.X + 150, loc.Y, 800);

This works for swiping from left to right, but if I try to switch the direction to, say:
loc.X, loc.Y, loc.X - 330, loc.Y, 800 it doesn’t move at all.
This really baffles me… Can someone help?

why not to print out here first real X and Y coordinates? are these X and Y are inside scroll object?