Trying to run test

I successfully ran the mobile-web test on and iPhone Simulator. I am currently trying to run the test.

EDIT: Ok so the problem seems to be that an alert pop ups saying “this app may slow your iPhone etc etc”. I tried dismissing it with adding ‘autoAcceptAlerts’: ‘true’ in desired capabilities which doesn’t seem to work.

                'app': app,
                'platformName': 'iOS',
                'platformVersion': '10.1',
                'deviceName': 'iPhone Simulator',
                'autoAcceptAlerts': 'true'

I think that means it was compiled with an earlier Xcode. You could probably get rid of this error by recompiling the app.

I don’t really think so, I however wouldn’t like to double check the validity of it because I like the test case it has presented me with right now. That is I would like to know how to dismiss it so that the test case can continue. I did try self.driver.switch_to.alert.accept which did nothing. As a fall back I just used self.driver.find_element_by_name("OK").click() which works (This happened as I was writing the reply). I would like to have the auto accept feature though.

Edit: I don’t know what happened I tried again with self.driver.switch_to.alert.accept() and it did work and no it is not the () I remember using them in the previous case as well. Oh well…