UITextField custom inputAccessoryView

Hello there,

I have a custom UITextField which display a date picker.
To avoid error from user, I have a custom inputAccessoryView where the user can Cancel or Validate his choice.

Until now, I’m unable to click on “Validate” (or Cancel) with Appium.
I have succeed to pick a date with find_element (and xPath) even if I have set accessibility.
But, I can’t find my buttons in inputAccessoryView, the only thing Appium Desktop inspector find is “XCUIElementTypeOther” with the complete inputAccessoryView with no child (buttons).

To skirt this problem, I have tried to perform a TouchAction.tap with coordinates :
def tap_screen
TouchAction().tap(x: 100, y: 100).perform
But, the clic is not performed even if Appium server seems to receive it :
[XCUITest] Executing command ‘performTouch’
[XCUITest] Received the following touch action: tap(options={“x”:100,“y”:100})
[ XCUITest] Found matching gesture: tap

Have you any idea why I’m facing these problems ?

Thanks you for your help,

I have succeed to perform a click with :
Appium::TouchAction.new.tap(x: 100, y: 100).perform

This is a temporary solution because I don’t want perform click like that, if someone knows why I don’t find the inputAccessoryView in hierarchy, I’m listening