Unable to access Appium server address link

I’m trying to integrate Sauce lab with Tosca for mobile testing where I have provided appium server address link related information as “https://ondemand.eu-central-1.saucelabs.com/wd/hub” in Tosca add connection window. But after selecting device, application and clicking on connect button getting an error as " Impossible to connect to Appium Server at ‘https://ondemand.eu-central-1.saucelabs.com/wd/hub’. Please, check if the address is correct and connection is possible." Basically, the server is not reachable. I have tried to open this link in the browser and I’m getting an error as 404 page not found. I have taken appium server address details from the Saucelabs.

Could you please help me to understand why this error is coming and why the address is not reachable and how to resolve this issue?

If you are using appium 2 you need to replace /wd/hub with just /