Unable to click on "on"state of toggle button in hybrid app

hello team,

I am automating hybrid app in which i am using chrome driver to inspect element
I have a toggle button by default the state of button is off and that time class is :
“ng-untouched ng-valid ng-dirty ng-valid-parse ng-empty”
and when i click on “on state” my class changes :
“ng-untouched ng-valid ng-dirty ng-valid-parse ng-not-empty”
i used this line of code:
driver.findElement(By.cssSelector(“input[class=‘ng-untouched ng-valid ng-dirty ng-valid-parse ng-not-empty’]”)).click();
But it is showing error:
Exception in thread “main” org.openqa.selenium.NoSuchElementException: no such element: Unable to locate element: {“method”:“css selector”,“selector”:“input[class=‘ng-untouched ng-valid ng-dirty ng-valid-parse ng-not-empty’]”}
(Session info: chrome=53.0.2785.124)

or which this line of code nothing happend

How can i on that button please suggest