Unable to find dynamically loaded elements (iOS)

Hello guys,

I’m facing problem after updating to Appium 1.7.1 from 1.6.5 and xCode 9.0.

I am writing automated test for an app that has dynamically loaded elements (on scroll down). So when I load certain screen in Appium inspector in DOM/XPATH structure I see only elements that are visible on screen, but those at the bottom aren’t shown. I have to scroll down to them to be able see them in Inspector. This greatly changes my tests.

In previous version (Appium 1.6.5) it doesn’t work that way. All elements were shown in Inspector even though they weren’t visible on the screen.

Do you know what caused the issue ? How can I fix it ?

Best regards,

You are using iOS beta version . If you take the GM version then it will fetch the whole screen

How can I change that then ?