Unable to find object properties using uiautomator

hi can any one help on below issue, i have a search box to enter text, but while spying with uiautomator unable to get that text box properties to identify, had any one faced this type of issue
for example flipkart search text box
for that also through uiautomator not gettign any properties. so how to hanlde this type of objects

The Problem is The View is Web View and Uiautomator is helpless against it
try using chrome inspect devices

hi Upendra, Can you please explain the web view issue.

I am checking with flipkart app in my mobile.
I am using Appium 1.4.16 and android 6.0.1 with real device (Nexus 5) in windows 10 OS laptop.

I am able to find remaining objects, except search box text field.

What do you mean by chrome inspect devices. please share the info i am new to appium.

As you said its not WEB_VIEW, it’s NATIVE_APP. I had checked with driver.getContextHandles();

I installed that app from store and on my LG Magna, Android 6.0 it is identifying without any problem:

Maybe its from your apk or the device :disappointed_relieved:

Hi Telmo,

Thanks for info. will try in other device.
With my curiosity, is the apk will change from device to device.