Unable to identify the pageelements in app after swipe/refresh method where new screen is displayed in UI but getpagesource()gives previous page xml and android driver is unabled to find the elementso gives NoSuchElementException

Appium server-1.7, Device-REal device+Emulator, java-client-4.1.2, selenium-2.53
Launch Activity-SplashScreen
Unidentified elements-TransactionScreen

Hello all i am new to appium and have been stuck with an issue while working on a Native app.
Th flow goes like this,
1.Browser performs a txn with a new card and gets Activation Code
2.Android app is launched and registers with activation code
3.Browser performs one more txn with the above card and pushes the txn to device
4.Android app swipes the current app page and Transction status with Yes or No is displayed in emulator/Device but elements not identified

Note:Tried with different load times. but getpagesoucrce() is always showing the previous screen elements