Unable to locate elements in appium iOS inspector

Appium iOS inspector is unable to locate the elements in one of the pages.

It is able to locate the elements in the pages where .nib files are used to generate UI.

But it’s unable to locate the elements which are written via code.

Is this a limitation in Appium?

Appium version: 1.4.8 (Draco)

Hi there,

Did you try to use Instrument from Xcode or Accessibility Inspector in iOS to be sure this element is available?
It can be really helpful to debug this kind of issue.

Thanks for the response Benoit.

Same issue observed with accessibility inspector as well. But the elements are clickable manually.

Is that some limitation with instruments?

There is possibility that you are trying to get element which are disabled , but show disabled checkmark in inspector is not enabled.

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Elements are not disabled. It’s a custom view. Does Appium support custom views?

I think it supports, can you put some screenshots ? During my practice i’ve just encountered such issue when UIAImageView was not visible for Appium/iOS native automation in case it was wrapped by custom UIATableCell.

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Hey @Sargis_Azaryan , can you please let me know how you managed to tap on UIAImageView ?

Hi, not every UIAImageView can be tapped normally.

If it is not unusual image you can tap :

  1. element.click();
  2. driver.tap(1,element,100)
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Thanks for the quick reply @Sargis_Azaryan I used X, Y coordinates to perform the tap operation.

Also u can take nearest element , after take coordinates of that element by element.getLocation() . Then shift coordinates point towards your Image , it will give you opportunity create relative tap by coordinates.

I spent almost a day to figure out why appium inspector isn’t showing a UIImageView. Atlast, when I ticked “show disabled” now its showing it with the accessibility id I assigned it. Thanks a lot for reminding this

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