Understanding the desiredCaps regarding app installation

Hi Appium experts,

I have a question regarding to the app installation via Appium.
Lets say the device already has an app with the same package name that I just gave Appium to install, what exactly will happen?

My expectation is that Appium will simply launch the existing app, without installing/uninstalling or deploying anything.
Is this the case? Is it dependent on some parameter on desiredCaps?

These are the desiredCaps we are using:

     SetData(dict, "Version", device.PlatformVersion);
     SetData(dict, "Device", device.DeviceType);
     SetData(dict, "platformName", device.PlatformName);
     SetData(dict, "newCommandTimeout", Constants.NEW_COMMAND_TIMEOUT);
     SetData(dict, "deviceName", device.ID);
     SetData(dict, "session-override", false);
     SetData(dict, "autoAcceptAlerts", true);
     //in order not to reset app state between tests
     SetData(dict, "noReset", true); <------------ Is this enough to achieve what I want?
     Or do I also need:
     SetData(dict, "fullReset", false); ?

Thanks in advance!


I believe that should work. fullReset should be false by default, so there is no need to explicitly set it to false (but you can as a form of documentation if that helps!).

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