Using Appium to Run Tests on multiple physical devices at once?

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I have common instance variable for both iOS and Android driver like-

AppiumDriver driver;

driver= androidDriver();
driver= iosDriver();

now the issue is that 2nd thread stops working as soon as 1st thread is completed and driver.quit() command is executed because driver variable was common…

How to solve this?

Can you check my framework and tell me how to achieve multi device testing?

Hi PositiveCrux,

I’m very new in Appium and I have a question. I hope you can explain it for me!

My team has my PCs to run test, we want to run mobile test on these PCs. So will we install Appium on each PC and run test on them(each PC is both client/server role), or will we be able to install Appium on one PC as a server, then other PCs will send request to this server to run test?

Thanks for your help!

Hi PositiveCrux,
Can you please tell me how you have setup the automation server and the setup
so that we can run multiple devices at once.(for both UIA and XCUIT)

my email is [[email protected]]

Hi Anish
The site is getting empty …

Hi could you share me the code [email protected]