Using `driver.fingerPrint(Int)` does not work when using `Espresso` automator

Using driver.fingerPrint(Int) does not work when using Espresso automator. It works fine when using UIAutomator2

More info in issue I created:

According to my research, this can’t be done from within Espresso. These are the best references I’ve found, the first is an especially good read:

Why then someone updated source code as from my issue?

Are you asking me why someone would add a feature? Not sure I get what you want here. Of course if feature doesn’t exist someone would add it.

@bubenda1 I’m sorry, but I find such behaviour disrespectful and inappropriate here. @wreed was trying to do their best to help and instead of you being grateful to them they are now being pointed out to the pull request which has been created as a result of my willingness to help.

He just not understood me. I was trying to tell him by that post, that someone (you) already fixed it even he said, that it is impossible.

@mykola-mokhnach I’ve put him on ignore. I don’t deal with people like that. Thanks for the support!

Kidding me? You just told me that it is impossible to use this command with Espresso, so I showed you that it is possible and someone already did it? What is wrong with that?