Want to accept permissions on iOS

Hi All,
I just starting using Appium. Now I’m in one company who has 10 years old framework and using old Appium.

Now using new Appium version we can accept the popup in iOS by desire capabilities but if we change it . It is showing so many deprecated methods now my question is i want to use new version for just accepting the iOS popup like location and all

The main reason behind it we have functionality like if we accept the location on device then only we can able to see one button and need to test that button,s page

So could you please suggest?

Do you mean deprecated method on Appium Client or Appium server?

What Appium client language are you using?

If you want to auto accept all alerts for iOS you can set it in capabilities
autoAcceptAlerts: true

Not sure if this is what you’re asking but hope that helps :slight_smile:

If I got you right…
a great way to handle alerts in iOS is with the settings API
see the following: https://github.com/appium/appium-xcuitest-driver#settings-api:~:text=acceptAlertButtonSelector
you should use acceptAlertButtonSelector and or dismissAlertButtonSelector depends on your case.

It is already added in framework thank you :blush:

I’ll check and let you know

It is already used but is there any solution to use different Appium versions in one project?