Wd how to continue after waitfor time out

I’m using wd client for android testing. It’s good but one thing I have problem is: waitfor…() function. When wait condition is not satisfied the code always exit.
Some time I need the code continue to check other conditions if the waitfor…() failed, not exit.

My code is like that:

    var wd = require("wd");
    var browser = wd.promiseChainRemote("", 4723);
    browser.init(desired).then(function() {
        	return browser
        		.waitForElementById("my-ID",10000,function  () {
        			//return browser.pressDeviceKey(93)
        		.//I need continue running here even above waitfor timeout
        		.fin(function() {
        			// return browser.quit();

Any one experience with it?. Thanks