What is WebDriverAgentRunner-Runner.app and why does it generate firewall messages (macOS)

I’m a developer running tests provided by our QA group.

We are testing an iOS app, with the tests executing on a local macOS box.

When I launch the tests, a WebDriverAgentRunner-Runner.app is compiled and launched. I am then prompted by macOS to allow the app to accept incoming connections.

The issue is that developers do not have admin access to their machines, so we can only deny the request.

This does not seem to make any difference to the successful run of the tests.

Our QA group is not savvy in the in/outs of Appium, so I’m looking for the answer to the following question:

What does this app do and is it required in our situation? If not, how do we prevent it from launching or — if it must be launched — how do we prevent it from attempting to open a port?