XCode 9 Support and Multiple Concurrent Simulators

Are we working in support of XCode 9. (Beta is already there.) XCode 9 supports Multiple Concurrent Simulators. We can implement this to run parallel tests in Appium and iOS Simulators. Please let me know If any development has already started for this.

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Hey @Bala_Kumar, any progress on that?

@Bala_Kumar @robitto Yes there is work going on in getting the parallel simulator support. 1.6.6.beta3 has support but with lots of issues on simulator handle. Which we are working on. Hang on!


Thanks @saikrishna321 for the update. I am eagerly waiting For this.

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It’s amazing - do you need any help? How can I assist you?

@robitto for sure … Currently 1.6.6.beta has the latest and there are lots of improvements and its working code. You should definitely try it out … I have already worked on this parallel sim support as part of this repo


yet to be merged into master … give it a try if you want to … Make sure you have the latest xcode-9 beta