XCUITEST TouchAction class implementations

Hey has there been any update on using this class with xcuitest driver? i need it for pressing down on screen and moving it somewhere then releasing, seems that the only thing will work is tap.

what about:

new TouchAction((MobileDriver) driver).tap(element).moveTo(x,y).release().perform();

java-client: 4.1.2
appium: 1.6.0

i havent tried that client yet figured it was so old, is there any reason you picked 1.4.2? not anything newer?

It is the latest available java client version

i thought the latest is 4.1.x

You right! Just misprinted

So i’m using:
appium: 1.6.0 and
c# client:

And struggling to succesfully double tap:
TouchAction action = new TouchAction(driver);
action.Tap(cameraFeed, count: 2).Perform();

or longPress and drag:
TouchAction action = new TouchAction(driver);

Is this supported currently for the XCUITest driver?


Appium version: 1.6.2
iOS version: 10.1
Simulator model: iPhone 6

I’m having the same issue that a number of other users are having. Since updating my code/configs/environment to accommodate the XCUITest framework, TouchActions are not responding. The following code is a simple login sequence that I’m using for a login page (WebView):

My code:

public boolean enterUserEmail(String email) {
    try {
		WaitUtilityIOSspk.waitForElementToBeTappable(driver, TXT_FIELD_EMAIL, 20);
		GestureUtilityIOSspk.tap(driver, TXT_FIELD_EMAIL);
		driver.executeScript("target.frontMostApp().keyboard().typeString('" + email + "')"); 
		return true;
	} catch (Exception e) {
		return false;

public static void tap(IOSDriver<MobileElement> driver, By by) {
	TouchAction action = new TouchAction(driver);

If I replace GestureUtilityIOSspk.tap(driver, TXT_FIELD_EMAIL); with driver.findElement(TXT_FIELD_EMAIL).click();, I can successfully tap the email field and the keyboard appears. It’s worth noting that the test fails at this line: driver.executeScript("target.frontMostApp().keyboard().typeString('" + email + "')");. The log says that this method is not implemented.

Any updates on this?

I’m now on Appium 1.7.1, iOS Version 10.3 and 11, and TouchAction is working fine for me.