xPath are getting changed for iOS7 and iOS8 Need Help

We had observed that our script is not working for both iOS7 and iOS8 observed that xpaths are getting changed UICollectionView is added newly instead. Can anyone please help me the alertnate way where my script works on iOS7 ad iOS8 as well

ios8 xpath

ios7 xpath

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Isn’t this related to xcode? (or the tool you are using to build you app)
I don’t think this issue can be related to Appium.

Yeah the issue is with xcode, could you please suggest me what is the alternate way to make my scripts work on both ios7 and ios8 simulators.
Till where i need to capture the xpaths so that they work on both

I have the same issue and am looking for solution.
Check this: How to handle UI changes when upgrade to iOS 8.1
I agree that is not related to Appium, but it’s good to discuss how to work around it.
Writing different tests for iOS 8 is a solution, but it just takes too much work.

Writing different scripts is not a good idea could you please suggest any other way

Well, that is my question too.