0 I am not able down to use 'Scroll Down' keyword on robot framework for mobile automation, as the element is located at end of the page

*** Settings ***
Library    AppiumLibrary

*** Variables ***

${Android_Deny_Button} =  //android.widget.Button[@text="Deny"]
${RecyclerView_Button} =  //android.widget.ImageButton[@content-desc="Login"]
${Login/Signup} =   //android.widget.TextView[@text="Log in or sign up"]
${Android_Accept&Continue} =    //android.widget.Button["ACCEPT & CONTINUE"]
${Android_No Thanks} =    //android.widget.Button["NO THANKS"]
${Email_Field} =    //android.widget.EditText[@text="Email address"]
${Password_Field} =    //android.widget.EditText[@text="Password"]
${Login_Button} =    //android.widget.Button[@content-desc="Log in"]
${Signup_Element1} =    //android.widget.TextView[@text="Sign up now" and @index="0"]
${firstname} =  //android.view.View[@index="5"]//android.widget.EditText[@index="0"]
${Signupnow} =    //android.view.View[@content-desc="Sign up now"]//android.widget.TextView[@text="Sign up now"]

*** Test Cases ***
      Open Application      http://localhost:4723/wd/hub     platformName=Android    platformVersion=11     deviceName=emulator-5554    appPackage=de.quandoo.android.consumerapp     appActivity=com.quandoo.consumer.legacy.ui.general.SplashScreenActivity       automationName=Uiautomator2
      sleep    8
      click element    ${Android_Deny_Button}
      Wait until page contains element    ${RecyclerView_Button}      7
      Click Element    ${RecyclerView_Button}
      sleep      5
      Click Element    ${Login/Signup} 
      sleep     2
      Click Element    //android.widget.Image[@index="0"]
      sleep     2
      Scroll Down    //android.view.View[@content-desc="Sign up now"]
      sleep     5
      Click Element         //android.view.View[@content-desc="Sign up now"]

looks like a robot fw problem from here.

Although all the sleeps in your code are also a terrible code smell, you want to crack open the robot code for the Down keyword and debug that.

i’ve the same issue, can you fix it?

Did you look at the implementation of the keyword in the robot source code? You may need to update your robot sources?