3D Touch in IOS

Can someone guide me to automate 3D touch in iPhone using appium on real device

Thank You in advance

Thankq for reply
But this is not the 3d touch , u r talking about key press.
I need help for 3D/Shortcut Keys Touch which will be available when we click on app.

Did not “withPressure” help in your case?
It sends https://developer.apple.com/documentation/uikit/uitouch/1618110-force to WDA.
I mean tap your app icon on the home screen with withPressure

Hi @KazuCocoa
Actually i have few doubts here.
My app is on the home screen and i need to tap on the app.

But how do i tap on the app? How do i get the instance of home screen.
I usually do open the app directly and work on it?
Please help

I was not able to find press with pressure commands?

What about launching an existing app like settings, “com.apple.Preferences”?
After that, open home with mobile:pressButton as ‘home’ => http://appium.io/docs/en/commands/mobile-command/

then, you probably can open the home and if your app appears as a home icon, you can find it via Appium.

Not sure which client do you use, but please make sure you use the latest one.

Hi @ Kazucocoa
I need your support .
I am having an app to be automated which am able to do in Android 6 but not in Android 8.

Can u help me know what are the settings changes i have to do??