A mobile-browser app example inclduing sauce labs

I have been looking through the documentation and have found an extremely helpful example of how to hit a mobile browser which I have done locally for iOS and android. I’m now considering using sauce to expand the targets of my test but I’m struggling to find in the documentation an example of a mobile-browser set up for sauce. Could someone post a simple example of how they would target the mobile browser using sauce labs?

I’m using Ruby but really any example of the desire_caps configuration that sauce is expecting will probably work.

Can you link for that extremely helpful example? I couldn’t find any…

I started with ^ and then changed my capabilities to hit the browser like this:

desired_caps = {
caps: {
platformName: ‘iOS’,
versionNumber: ‘7.1’,
deviceName: ‘iPhone Simulator’,
browserName: ‘Safari’,

Then I changed the test to hit the url where my app was and uses the same css selectors and wrote a test in selenium.

In the git hub repo there is a project called sample-code that has examples in all the languages. With a little bit of tweaking I was able to make it work for me.

I use Saucelabs configurator