A question about webView on hybrid app testing

I am new in automation and Appium. I am going to test hybrid mobile applications (app and apk). Is it possible to go to a specific url after lunching the application?

For example, I start the driver using capabilities:
DesiredCapabilities capabilities = new DesiredCapabilities();
capabilities.setCapability(“device-type”, “iPhone”);
capabilities.setCapability(“platformName”, “iOS”);
capabilities.setCapability(“platform”, “Mac”);
capabilities.setCapability(CapabilityType.BROWSER_NAME, “”);
capabilities.setCapability(“newCommandTimeout”, “3600”);

In a test case, is it possible load a webpage as webView by passing the url to appium without tapping anything on the app? I tried driver.get(“http://someurl”) and got empty value from appium response.

in app a browser page is equivalent to an activity

launch app as a browser instance using cap browser.type=“browser”
driver.get (" go to order page post login");

launch app as app using browser.type=“browser” and appPackage= " package name" and appActivity=’’ acitivity name";
// perform login
driver.startAcvitity(“app Package Name”,“Login page activity name”);

@amitjaincoer191 Thanks for the reply.
Does the url shown in driver.get(“web-url”) have to be defined in the apk activities already?

For ios driver, the browserName can only be “safari” according to the capability document. When I set it to safari, the app failed to lunch.

there are 2 things

  1. Open web browser and open mobile version of web site and perform testing

  2. Open app with webview which internally opens a chrome less / safari browser session.

  3. -> we do not pass app activity/package as it opens a browser and run more or less like a browser automation of web
    2.-> we pass app package and app activity or app absolutte path and it launches app