About swipe action in iOS device using Appium 1.6.0

I upgraded my Appium Version from 1.5.3 to 1.6.0.

In Appium 1.5.3, I used the following touch action to perform a swipe function.
TouchAction a1= new TouchAction(oApp);
a1.press(40, 250).moveTo(0, 250).release().perform();

In Appium 1.6.0, with the above code, I had an error saying “Support for gestures other than Tap is not yet implemented.”
Hence I tweaked the code little bit and used the following touch action.
TouchAction a1= new TouchAction(oApp);
a1.press(40, 250).waitAction(1000).moveTo(0, 250).release().perform();

The code has been working fine sometimes with swipe function carrying out with given co-ordinates, but sometimes it’s just performing a flick.

Is there any better way to perform accurate swipes in Appium 1.6.0?

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I have the same issue. We cannot use swipe anymore with the new driver for iOS10?

try 1.6.1-beta 0 it was some gestures fix.