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Please find useful code snippets which can be used for Appium Automation.

I’m attempting to work through iOS Tutorial, but the sample-code application is not building. Moreover the links to the source code on developer.apple.com and the pre-built .zip archive are broken. I’m planning to just use the new Appium.app and deploy a mobile app, and start poking around with Python, but

i think the Tutorial could be improved by making it more modular. For example, 1) set up Appium, then 2) build and deploy application 3) set up test tool, each with its own prerequisites. As it is they are all mixed together so it is not obvious which dependencies are required at each stage, and it makes it hard if you want to skip things or aren’t particularly interested in testing with Java or Ruby etc.

you can refer this playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXbcghgSZDroz9nez1IrbL2hnMVJ0ba1W

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