Access Navigation Bar Text

How do you access the text in a Navigation Bar for iOS?
Currently I can get the navigation bar IOSElement with the following snippet:

IOSElement element = driver.findElementByClassName("XCUIElementTypeNavigationBar");

None of the methods on IOSElement return the actual title of the navigation bar:

element.getText() // null
element.getTagName() // XCUIElementTypeNavigationBar
element.getId() // 0E4268B9-A13B-4BB4-958F-1092BFF73E23

I believe I found a suitable means to check the text with the following method.

    public void verifyNavigationBarTitle(String title) {
        List<IOSElement> elements = driver.findElementsByName(title);
        boolean isDisplayingCorrectText = false;
        for (IOSElement element : elements) {
            if (element.getTagName().equals("XCUIElementTypeNavigationBar")) {
                isDisplayingCorrectText = true;

        if (isDisplayingCorrectText == false) {
            System.out.format("Error: Navigation bar title does not display %s", title);