Accessibility Inspector for iOS

I’ve been working with appium for over 6 months now to test native apps on iOS. I’d like you guys’ suggestion on how stable the “Accessibility Label” is for iOS. Around December/January, Appium logs threw a warning message “warn: [DEPRECATED] The “name” Locator Strategy has been deprecated and will be removed.”. But I don’t see that message anymore now. Do you suggest I continue with or switch to using any other find method?

I find that using an accessibility label is by far the best way to identify elements. It takes some buy in from Dev but it’s really worth it.

For the ‘name’ locator strategy, you should be ok until you decide to upgrade to Appium 1.5:

What is the syntax for this type of locator method ? FindbyAccessibilityLabel?

Really it is dependent on the programming language you’ve chosen to use. OP is using 'By.<method>', which I believe is Ruby.

I’ll be using Java or NodeJS in the upcoming react native app and trying to figure out the best approach for both platforms

For Java you can use 'findElements(String by, string Using)' or some variation:

I’m not sure how that’s done in NodeJS though.

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Java will work just fine, thank you!