AccessibilityId gives me By does not contain a definition for

The below tells me I can not use Accessibility Id but I can use XPath,CSS And Id?
The driver I am using is this _driver = new AndroidDriver(new Uri(“http://localhost:4723/wd/hub”), driverOption);

protected static AppiumDriver _driver;

public static By ImageTabs()
return By.AccessibilityId(“Imagery”);

Thanks for any help with this

it is not Selenium, but Appium use ‘MobileBy’ instead e.g.


which part should I change its using a Framework but it appears that part of it may predate Accessibility Id’s.

Thank you I changed the return(mobileBy.AccessibilityId(“myid”));
but I chnaged my driver driver is this correct? AppiumDriver appiumDriver = new AppiumDriver(new Uri(“http://localhost:4723/wd/hub”), driverOption);
_driver = appiumDriver;