Accessing AccessibilityTraitButton with Appium

Hey Guys,
I need a little help on how to access accessibilityTraitButtons with Appium in a TableViewCell. The trait is not showing up and so I can’t access it via a command. I can’t find the trait in the DOM when I get the pageSource, so any help on how to get it would be appreciated.

The tableViewCell has a picture and a static text, the picture resembles a checkbox, and if I access the DOM Tree I only see the staticText but not the Picture.

Thanks in advance,

If it’s not showing in the pageSource, you are out of luck and can’t access it. For items like that with the apps I am testing, I go back to the devs and have them tweak the app to make the “visible” to Appium and the xml page source, though I don’t know offhand what they are doing to make this happen. Try talking to your developers.

The accessibilityTraits are set, depending on the state e.g.
cell.accessibilityTraits = UIAccessibilityTraitButton;
OR if selected
cell.accessibilityTraits = UIAccessibilityTraitSelected | UIAccessibilityTraitButton;

So do you have any idea why they are not showing up in the UITableViewCell?