Accessing elements that are beyond scrolling

So when using selenium normally you would be able to take a peek at driver.page_source and see the entire html document.

But when you using appium and looking at the same page source for a view that needs a lot of scrolling it seems like you will never(?) be able to see all elements in that view from the page source. Instead, it seems like you would need to use a scroll action and check the page source again to get an updated view.

Is that the only way of knowing about elements that are beyond a scroll event? That you first need to discover the element by scrolling?

This might depend on the particular platform, but in general mobile automation frameworks are based on accessibility and the accessibility manager only filters out what is currently visible on the screen. Which, obviously, makes sense as long as this system was initially designed to help people with limited abilities to get access to the screen content.

Many thanks for your extremely quick reply. The platform I’ve been using is Android.

Your answer seems to confirm that there is no easy way of getting access to all elements in a view without scrolling to see whether a particular element exist.

Not always: