Accessing hidden elements for Hybrid app


I’m trying to automate a create User form on Hybrid Android app, it’s a lengthy form and we need to swipe up for viewing bottom part of form. Screen has top and bottom part fixed with Save/Back button etc. While reading elements from Google UIautomator or Appium inspector I can see all elements with coordinates even hidden bottom part elements too.
However while swiping up and again reading the elements I can still see same all elements from top to bottom with same coordinates as before.
In my code when I tried to swipe up and try to access below elements (which where hidden before swipe) though it’s giving success in Appium log and swipe also worked however no action is taking place on those elements actually.

I tried on couple of hybrid apps where we need to swipe some portion of screen i.e. with some portion of screen as fixed I’m getting same issue.

Can anyone help me out with this.