Accessing translucent popups


for a few days now I’m working on a project to build an automation for an Android app. I discovered Appium and up to now it was quite a pleasure to work with. However atm I’m facing a very annoying problem.

When I log into this certain app some help popups appear and I cant find any way to access the buttons of that popup. They darken all of the ui, then there is some information and like an ok button. Let me say android warnings and info popups are no problem.

When I dumped this app into the hierarchy viewer I think I found the problem. The Activity of this app is in the list at the of the hierarchy viewer, TWO times. (“com.random.pkg/.MainActivity”) One of them is in bold letters the other one in normal letters.
I think these are different fragments of one Activity. (Please correct me if I am wrong)

The one in bold letters is the main ui. And this is actually the one I can manipulate using Appium.
I tried to load this screen into the uiautomatorviewer but there I can’t access the fields of this overlay, aswell.

I guess the problem really is: Despite the overlay is on top of what you can see, it isnt the top activity( or fragment) from the Appium / Android perspectiv.

Now my questions are:

  1. How do I switch the focus of appium to the overlay so I can click that darn button?

  2. Can I just close this overlay (fragment?) from the adb ?

  3. I can open this overlay (=normal letters) in the hierarchy viewer, how can I access its elements from the UIAutomator?

I am really thankful for any lead, even if the solution to this might not be appium based.

Best Regards, Flo

PS: I dont know if this really matters but, I’m using the java-client and an emulator aswell as a real device for this project.

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Have you been able to find a workaround this?

  1. Is there any solution to this ?

you are probably facing “screen overlay detected” error, Just go to app setting and turn off permissions for floating to all apps, going through menu may differ for specific device so you may google “How to fix “Screen overlay detected” error” for more information