Action SendKeys command not recognized

I am getting a lot of new errors when executing Windows app tests in my new Win 11 VM (the tests have been running green for months in my old Win 10 VM). I’m using appium 2.x.

I have already reported Appium XPath locator strategy is not supported
and No attributes are being recognized .

Now I have a third error. I am running this code:

var actions = new Actions(Driver);

The error I get on the new VM is:

Why is this error appearing? Why do I get all of these new errors in my new VM?

This was when running with WinAppDriver. If I instead use the appium windows driver, my test fails even earlier, when doing this:
var actions = new Actions(AppManager.Driver);
actions.MoveByOffset(30, 0).Click().Perform();

Why can’t Actions be used if having the Appium server running (instead of directly WinAppDriver)?

–> “Selenium WebDriver exception: Request failed with status 501”
In the log it says

Update: updating the WinAppDriver version solved this issue.

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Thank you for sharing the solution.

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