Advice on sensitive information

I’m looking for a pointer to a tutorial on best practices to pass sensitive information to an appium script at runtime. The login needed for our application changes from developer to developer during local testing so we cannot hard-code login information, (even encrypted login info). Is there a standard way to achieve passing variables into the test when kicking it off? Maybe something in the pom like the
${suiteXmlFile} variable?

Currently, I have a bash script that will let me update a local .json file with this information from the command line. This works and is an option but I’d like to learn a way to do this within appium itself, if it is possible.

Help is appreciated.

I don’t think there’s something in Appium for such purpose. Try to pass your secrets via environment variables. E.g. each developer may set their secret locally to the particular env variable, for example APPIUM_TOKEN, so then when you use env['APPIUM_TOKEN'] in automation scripts it would always contain the correct one based in which env it’s being executed.

Ooooh, that sounds like a winner. Got a link to an example?