After open notification no find element in Real Android Device

I try to run any test with driver.openNotifications(); in Real Device
its opened, but after its open i want to click on Location and Bluetooth button in Notifications but its show me no_such_element message

**if i run from Appium Studio all good its work **
but if run with AppiumServiceBuilder without Appium Studio its not found

Why ?

Anything, help please?

If one environment works and the other doesn’t then it’s a setup issue. These are very hard to figure out over the internet, not in the least because the questioner usually doesn’t know what info to give.

Best advice: Look closely at the environment that is working and change the one that is not to be the same. All libraries, etc. Should be tedious work but there is no easy solution. Upside is you will learn a lot about your setup.

Good luck.

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