After switching to WEBVIEW from native view, i couldn't do any operation in webview

I have noticed many posts related to the same issue, am also getting into the queue. Did anyone find a solution to this?

I have switched to WEBVIEW_1 and I couldn’t inspect the elements in Appium Inspector for the same. I just copied the URL and pasted in the mobile Safari browser and inspected through iMac safari->Develop->iPhone->page. But even after finding the element I couldn’t do anything in Webview. Could some pls help me in this?

If i print the pagesource, I could get all the sources in the page. If i try to click the same, am getting NoSuchElementException error only. Ensured the same element is working when i checked in browser.

Appium server console version : 1.6.6-beta.2
iPhone : iPhone 6 Pus - 11.2.5

Hi @Sridhar2127
do you have any updates on this issue?