All elements are showing visible as false

I recently fixed a lingering issue with Appium giving me an xcode errorcode 70 by going into the WebDriverAgent project and setting my team and the code signing settings to iOSDeveloper. Now everything is working like before, however, now there’s an issue where all of the elements in the inspector now show visible as false. Checking the isDisplayed attribute for any element also returns false. This is even happening with the iOS level elements on the top bar. What is going on to cause all of the elements to not be visible?

I have tried the desktop GUI Appium 1.3 and 1.5, various versions of the app, and restarting everything, but nothing is working. Does anyone know what is going on? This is iOS 11.3.1 and xcode 9.3.

image image

I’ve been fighting the good fight with this issue as well… has anyone found a solution yet? Thanks!!

Same here, did anyone found any issue please help?

any clue or any solution to fix this issue?