Allure report not showing Appium captured attachments but visible in allure-results

Hi Community,

maybe its not a right a right place to ask Allure problem but I get positive feedback here:

I’m trying to capture screenshots on test Fail & success, I implemented the ITestListner class & calling this funtion on onTestSuccess & onTestFailure methods

@Attachment(value = "Page screenshot", type = "image/png")
private byte[] saveScreenshotPNG(AndroidDriver driver) {
    return ((TakesScreenshot) driver).getScreenshotAs(OutputType.BYTES);

I’m using maven,testng,appium,Allure with emulators & simulator

Evything is working fine but I don’t see Screenshots in Allure report but they are available in the allure-results folder, there is no test body created :frowning: i.e see the screen shots below:

Any Help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Just in case you don’t get a good answer here, there is an Allure discussion board: