An Issue with hybrid app automation

I’m trying to automate my hybrid app with Appium 1.19.1. Host machine is macOS.

It seems I get WebView context correctly.
Q1. I cannot use command from docs. For example, I tried to get element with the command driver.elementsByCss as described here but I’ve got tge error “elementsByCss is not a function”.

OK, I got element using driver.findElement(‘css selector’, ‘.input-username’);
Q2. How to emulate user input to this element (it’s input type=“text”).
I have tried:
element.addValue(‘use unput’)
element.type(‘user input’)
element.sendKeys(‘user input’)

all mentioined commands above raises error ‘* is not a function’

What is wrong?

my code (index.js):

const wdio = require("webdriverio");

const opts = {
    path: '/wd/hub',
    port: 4723,
    capabilities: {
        platformName: "Android",
        platformVersion: "8",
        deviceName: "device",
        appPackage: "com.myCompany.myApp",
        appActivity: "com.rhomobile.rhodes.RhodesActivity",
        automationName: "UiAutomator2",
        autoWebview: true,
        autoWebviewTimeout: 20000,
        noReset: true

async function main() {
    const driver = await wdio.remote(opts);
    let contexts = await driver.getContexts();
    await driver.switchContext(contexts[1]);

    const element = await driver.findElement('css selector', '.input-username');
    console.log('element', element);

    await element.addValue("Hello world!") // << the issue here

    driver.quit() // stop webdrivage