An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: Unable to launch WebDriverAgent because of xcodebuild failure:

I met the error like that as below:

The details as below:

Which versions & combinations are you not able to launch app in iOS real device ? If the issue is happened in 1.15.1 appium with Xcode 11.4, try to install the latest beta appium desktop that is 1.17.0 and give a try. It should work fine.

Yeah only find by selector -via xpath on mac? @pothurajtharun


Post your error log and versions you are using. Looks like your issuie is failed due to xcod ebuild failure. to make sure xcode part follow this

The issue was solved, but now I used appium desktop for mac to inspect the element from simulator, but now the locator only shows find selector via xpath, not id or other ways, any ideas ?


Good to know that you solved your issue.

how you resolved this error ?