Anchor tag (<a>) click not working

I have an app developed in AngularJS and Ionic, for click events I am using on-touch and on-tap events available in Ionic framework.

When I try to automate the click on anchor tag, the click does not get triggered.

Below is the code

MobileElement anchorClick = (MobileElement) driver.findElement(new By.ByXPATH("//a[@id=\"anchorClick\"]")).click();

When the above code is executed, a selection of the element is observed but the desired action is not performed (It does not navigate to the next page).

Below is the code for anchor tag

<a id="anchorClick" on-tap="openNextpage()">Navigate to Next page</a>

My Question is how is anchor tag accessed via Web View Context in Automation. Please provide with some example as to how it has to be done.