Android appium swipe down doesn't work

I am using a rather new version version of appium (7.5.1) and the Java client.
The swipe code doesn’t result in an exception but it doesn’t do any thing

Thank in advance to all helpers…

My source code :

public Point getElementCordinate(MobileElement me){
return new Point(me.getLocation().getX(), me.getLocation().getY());

public Point manipulateCordinates(MobileElement me){

 return new Point(me.getLocation().getX(), me.getLocation().getY() - 100); // minus is down


public void swipeOnScreen(Point fromPoint, Point toPoint) {

TouchAction action = new TouchAction(driver);

WaitOptions waitOptions = new WaitOptions().withDuration(Duration.ofMillis(3000)); PointOption().withCoordinates(fromPoint)).waitAction(waitOptions).moveTo(new