Android date picker handling across 4.X and 5.X

Hi All,

I did googled a lot and tried myself but couldn’t get date picker working at all.

We’re using google widget for date picker and it has same id for month , day and year.


I tried setting value with set_keys and it didn’t work.

2nd Query : how to to handle date picker in 5.X .

It’ll be helpful if you can please share your learnings and solution related to this critical control

Thanks in advance.


@VikramSilk do you have any new inputs regarding this matter, i have a problem with using the date picker too =
Many thanks.

@sam_viz sorry I haven’t yet found any concrete solution. As android has got many unique date pickers , am not sure how to handle each one of them.

I wish android had standards like web :smile:

@VikramSilk thank you for your answer, finally got it working ! =D

Congratulations! @sam_viz can you share your idea, cuz I got the same problem:)

Hi Real_Lau and sam_viz, did you find the solution to select the date on the android date picker? Can you please post it?